The Neuro-Machine Interaction (NMI) Lab at UIC develops, tests, and “makes science” with various technologies for human interactions. Much of the developments are related to the nervous system and how it contends with and learns how to interact wit the environment.




The Laboratory closely interacts with the Robotics Lab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Often the target application for NMI Lab is robotic or neural restoration of function for individuals recovering from brain or orthopedic injury.


Other areas of application of such technology for motor teaching include components that enable virtual navigation, postural disturbances, manual interactions, visual field alterations, sensorimotor rehabilitation testing, and virtual prototyping. Fields impacted are haptics, virtual-reality, teleoperation, hazardous materials handling, design, architecture, sports training, psychology, motor systems neuroscience, physical rehabilitation, and human augmentation.



Directed by Jim Patton, PhD , Associate Professor, Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Chicago



2014 SEL West, UIC